Protect important documents and other family heirlooms with a safe deposit box.1

Ensure the safety of important, irreplaceable items such as:

  • Stock certificates
  • Photo negatives
  • Birth certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Contracts
  • Pension papers
  • Legal documents
  • Jewelry
  • Military medals and awards

Rental is easy — all you need is a proper ID! Just come into any financial center and sign the Safe Deposit Box Agreement. You will be assigned a box with two keys.

Boxes may be accessed during regular business hours. If your key is lost or stolen, owners can request for the box to be drilled to obtain contents. No one can access your box — only those whose signature corresponds with the safe deposit box.

1Fees vary depending on box size chosen. Note that safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured. Safe deposit boxes not available at our Fostoria Financial Center.