Ready Reserve Overdraft Coverage

We understand that life is busy, and mistakes happen. That’s why we offer the Ready Reserve Line of Credit —a specially designed, pre-approved line of credit to help prevent overdraft charges and complications with your checking account. Ready Reserve will help give you peace of mind, and your account will be in good standing when you need it most!

The Ready Reserve Line of Credit will transfer necessary funds into your checking account when the balance gets low, so you’ll avoid overdraft charges and embarrassing delays. Then, enjoy flexible repayment terms at a pace that works best for your financial circumstances.

Other features and benefits of the OFBC Ready Reserve Line of Credit include:

  • No Application Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Transfers in increments of $50.00
  • Inexpensive protection as compared to traditional overdraft programs
  • Manageable payment terms
  • Automatic payments from the attached OFBC checking account

Click here to Apply Now, or contact your local OFBC Financial Center for more details.