We believe in providing excellent client service — whether it’s online or in person. Even as we continue to adapt to new technologies, we’ll never leave behind our commitment to you. See the additional services we offer to keep your banking experience as convenient as possible — and feel free to get in touch with us or visit a branch for more information.

Direct Deposit

Paydays just got easier. Have checks deposited directly into your OFBC account.

Notary Service

Need documents notarized? We'd be happy to help. Visit a branch for official notary services.

Wire Transfer Service

Move money wherever it needs to go across the U.S. Reach out to us for instructions on setting up a wire transfer.

Night Depository

You don't have to rush to make it to a branch before closing. Make deposits using our secure night dropbox.

Currency Exchange

Traveling? We can help easily exchange currency. Stop by your local financial center and we can assist with our external vendor, Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bancshares (PCBB).

Security Options

We offer a variety of security options to keep your sensitive information safe. Learn more.