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Online Banking

The Old Fort Banking Company will not make unsolicited contacts with our clients requesting User Id, passcodes, security questions, account numbers or any other information concerning your online banking credentials.

View Your Accounts

Online banking offers secure and convenient access to your accounts.  You can:

  • View  transaction history on your Online Banking accounts
  • Easy viewing of up to 2 years of statements
  • View check images
  • Download account information into Quicken, Microsoft Money, QuickBooks (Web Connect) or other financial  management software
  • Future View


 Transfer Money Between Accounts

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Schedule Old Fort Bank loan payments
  • Review transfer history



Pay Bills Online

  • Pay bills electronically - schedule payments as recurring or one-time payments.
  • Set up bill reminders - receive notification when your bills are due.
  • Schedule electronic billing - enroll with your biller to receive bills electronically directly into your BillPay module. It also provides built in alerts.
  • Payment history - allows you to see past payments which were paid through this system.
  • Popmoney®  (P2P)- is a personal payment system which uses the recipient's email address, mobile phone number or account information to send a payment.  It also offers the ability to send e-greetings, enabling you to send a personalized message with an email.
  • Same-Day and Overnight Bill Pay Payments - allows you to schedule and process expedited bill payments without the need for wire transfers.
  • FraudNet - a powerful networked fraud detection and prevention engine for security.  


User Services 

 Manage Account

  • Add/View Account Services
  • Add New Online Account
  • Account Nicknames
  • Change Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Primary and Secondary Email Address)
  • e-Statement Only
  • Remove Online Account
  • Mobile Enrollment
  • Add External Transfer Account

 User Preferences

  • Marketing Preferences
  • Start Page Selection
  • List Sorting 
  • Quick History
  • Transaction Categories
  • Adjust Font Size

 Other Services Requested

  • Stop Payment
  • Request Documents
  • Reorder Checks

 Security Settings

  • Change Passcode
  • Change Security Verification Questions
  • Security Code Delivery Preference

 Contact Us

  • Send a Secure Message
  • Contact Information for Old Fort Banking Company


Notify Me Alerts

 The Notify Me Alerts feature allows you to receive email notifications of important account related, security related activities and messages.

Contact Information

  • Primary email address
  • Secondary email address

 Account Activity Alerts

  • Account balance
  • Account overdrawn
  • Balance > $
  • Balance < $
  • Check number(s) cleared
  • Deposit made > $
  • Transactions > $

 Messaging Alerts

You can elect to be notified whenever any of the following messages are sent to your online inbox (i.e. messages as accessed under the "Messages" tab). 

  • Any new message is sent to my online inbox
  • A secure message is sent to my online inbox
  • A transaction-related message is sent to my online inbox
  • A new online service privilege has been granted or removed
  • A broadcast message is sent to my online inbox

 Security Alerts

All mandatory Security alerts are delivered to your primary email address. You can elect to be notified at a secondary email address.

  • Login is successful
  • A Security-related change is made
  • Online transfer is processed



Periodically Old Fort Banking Company will send you messages.  Note: all messages will be deleted after 120 days.

  • Regulatory disclosures
  • New products or services offered
  • Consumer education to protect against fraud
  • Current promotions



e- Statement Service

Our e-Statements service provides you with secure delivery of your checking and savings account statements through our Online Banking Center. 
It is convenient, fast, easy and secure. This gives you easy access to your account statement and you have the ability to view, print, download 
and save statements on your own computer. After enrollment you will receive an email when your statement is available. This provides you with 
increased protection against identity theft.

If you would like to enroll in our online banking services and begin receiving your e-Statements through this secure access, you may do so by following these simple steps:
  • Go to www.oldfortbank.com
  • Select "personal enrollment" or "business enrollment"
  • Complete the online enrollment and answer "yes" to the electronic format question
  • Receive your approval confirmation e-mail
  • Begin receiving your e-Statements through our secure online banking service
If you are currently using online banking services please follow the instructions listed below:
  • Go to www.oldfortbank.com
  • Login using your confidential access id and password
  • Click on the "Accounts" tab
  • Select "statement" and click on the "Electronic Only Statement Delivery" option
  • Begin receiving your e-Statements through our secure online banking service

If you have any questions or concerns regarding either enrollment please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-866-347-3440.

e-Statement Q&A's

What is an e-Statement?

Our e-Statement service provides you with secure electronic delivery of your checking and savings account statements.

What are the benefits of receiving an e-Statement?
  • Convenient, fast, easy and secure
  • Ability to view, print, download and save statements
  • Easier access and statement retention
  • Increased protection against identity theft
How can I begin receiving e-Statements?

It’s easy…enter your secure online banking account, click on the “Accounts” tab, select “statement” beside the appropriate account, and click 
“Electronic Only Statement Delivery” option.

Is there any software required on my PC?

It is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above installed on your PC in order to view your statement. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, 
you may obtain a free copy by visiting http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html and selecting the Free Adobe Reader under the Download 
section. It is also recommended that Internet Explorer 5.5 or above be installed on your PC…

To download a free copy, go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.mspx. Your PC must have the capability of opening a 5MG language file.

When will I receive my first e-Statement?

You will begin to receive your e-Statement after your statement has processed on your regularly scheduled cycle date. You will receive an email notification that your 
statement is available.

How do I open my e-Statement(s)?

You will be able to open your e-Statement(s) within your secure online banking account by clicking the "Accounts" tab and select "statement" beside the designated account.

Will I also receive a paper copy of my statement in the mail?

You will no longer receive a paper copy, but you will have the option of printing or downloading your e-Statement. If you request a paper copy of your statement, the bank may 
assess a fee as listed on our current fee schedule.

How long will I be able to access previous e-Statements?

You have the ability to review your statements in online banking for up to 24 months.

Will I be able to revert back to receiving a paper copy of my statement in the mail?

Yes, you have several options to discontinue the receipt of e-Statements at any time:

  • Within Online Banking - Accounts - Select the drop down option Statement and click Go- Select either Opt Out For This Account or Opt Out For All Accounts

On the confirmation page, click ACCEPT to reinstate delivery of your paper statement.   Your statement will arrive on the next monthly cycle.


  • Contact us at 1-866-347-3440
  • Visit any of our conveniently located financial centers