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OFBC Scholarship Application Deadline April 3, 2015

The Old Fort Banking Company is pleased to announce The Old Fort Banking Company 2015  Heidelberg University / Tiffin University / University of Findlay $1000 Scholarship.  

Applicants should be a high school senior with the potential for college work at the time of application and will be judged on the essay portion of the application*.  The decision of the Selection Committee in awarding this scholarship is final.  Should the Selection Committee have applications not meeting the scholarship criteria or have no applications for a given year, The Old Fort Banking Company Scholarship will be forfeited for the 2015 school year.

Only students from school districts served by financial centers of The Old Fort Banking Company are eligible to apply for this scholarship.  Those high schools are:  Arcadia, Arlington, Calvert, Clyde-Green Springs, Columbian, Cory Rawson, Findlay, Fostoria, Fremont Ross, Hopewell-Loudon, Lakota, Liberty Benton, McComb, Mohawk, New Riegel, Old Fort, Seneca East, Fremont St. Joseph, Fostoria St. Wendelin, Van Buren and Vanlue High School.  All applications are to be sent to The Old Fort Banking Company, P.O. Box 88, Old Fort, Ohio,  44861-0088, Attention: Denise Martin.  All entries will be forwarded to the Selection Committee.

The deadline for applications is Friday, April 03, 2015.  Applications must be postmarked on or before this date.

Click here to print application form.


* Old Fort Banking Company associates' children are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.





Old Fort Bank Receives Superior Rating for the Thirteenth Consecutive Quarter


Bauer Financial has awarded The Old Fort Banking Company a five-star "Superior" rating for the thirteenth consecutive quarter. Old Fort's most recent five-star rating is based on September 30, 2014 financial data. Star ratings are assigned on a scale of zero-to-five stars, with five-stars being the strongest, and are based on the current overall financial picture of the bank.

The rating represents an independent analysis of the financial institution's safety and soundness. The five-star rating indicates that Old Fort is financially sound and has the resources to deal with a variety of adverse economic conditions. The rating also indicates that Old Fort is among the top in the nation when it comes to capitalization, asset quality, profitability, liquidity, and risk.

Bauer Financial is the nation's leading independent bank rating firm and they are an unbiased third party that has been well respected by regulators, bankers and consumers for their fair evaluations since 1983. No bank pays to be rated, nor can any institution avoid being rated.   http://www.bauerfinancial.com/home.html

Michael C. Spragg, President and CEO of The Old Fort Banking Company stated, "Despite the current economic environment, Old Fort remains a very strong institution. The most recent Bauer five-star rating simply reaffirms our message of strength, stability and security."

The Old Fort Banking Company currently has assets totaling over $455 million and proudly serves Allen, Greene, Hancock, Sandusky, Seneca and Wood Counties, with financial centers in Bettsville, Clyde, Findlay, Fostoria, Fremont, Old Fort, Tiffin and Sugarcreek Township. Old Fort also operates a loan production office in Lima and a mortgage loan production facility in Xenia. Old Fort is a recognized leader in community banking throughout the area in assisting members of the community, including local businesses and corporations.



lnvestment Services 

At The Old Fort Banking Company, meeting our client’s needs is a top priority. To make this commitment possible, we offer access to a broad selection of financial products and services. Old Fort Bank is pleased announce our partnership with Financial Design Agency of Ohio to offer our clients comprehensive Investment Services.

To learn more about Financial Design Agency of Ohio please visiti their website at www.financialdesignohio.com




Mobile Check Deposit Is Now Available On Your Mobile Phone

The Old Fort Banking Company is pleased to announce we have expanded our mobile banking platform to include mobile check deposit.  The new Mobile Check Deposit allows you to deposit a check without a trip to the bank or ATM…virtually anytime…anywhere. 

 To Access Mobile Check Deposit:

  • Access your mobile phone account
  • Read and Accept the new Terms and Conditions
  • Select Check Deposit icon in the drop down
  • Select the Deposit tab
  • Please read the Notice information…click Continue
  • Select Front… line up the front side of the check and tap on the camera icon
  • Endorse back of check with (For Mobile Deposit Only, Signature, and last 4 of account)…Select Back… line up the back side of the check and tap on the camera icon
  • Fill in the Amount
  • Select the “Deposit To” account number
  • Add your email address for the confirmation email
  • Click Continue
  • Review and Approve Deposit
  • Deposit
  • Sign Off
  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • Retain check for 60 days before destroying it.

Please note: a $0.55 transaction fee will be assessed per check deposited
Non-sufficient funds standard fees apply.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us at 1-866-347-3440 or visit an Old Fort Bank Financial Center near you.  We remain dedicated to offering the service and technology to access your finances anytime, anywhere. 








 Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Card


Lost or Stolen Credit Cards 
Visa Customer Service Number: 1-800-876-9119


Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM/HSA/CHOICE/ Card 
Call 419-447-1513 ext. 1160  During business hours:  (M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
After business hours please phone: 1-866-546-8273. 



Mobile Banking








Get on the go mobile banking by text message, web browser or phone app...
anywhere...anytime...and any way you want.

Mobile Banking is available to all Online Banking Users.  If you would like to enroll in Online 
Banking please follow the instructions...titled Online Banking Enrollment below.

  To enroll please follow these simple steps.
  • Login to Your Online Banking Account
  • Click on "User Services"
  • Click on Mobile Enrollment
  • Complete Enrollment Form
  • Receive Activation Code
  • Receive Email Confirmation
  • Enter Activation Code
  • Begin Using Mobile Banking by Using Your Online Banking 
    Access ID and Passcode
 Android and iPhone Users:
  • Login to Your Online Banking Account
  • Click on "User Services"
  • Click on Mobile Enrollment
  • Complete Enrollment Form
  • Receive Activation Code
  • Visit Android or iPhone Store
  • Download OFBC Mobile App
  • Enter Activation Code
  • Begin Using Mobile Banking by Using Your Online Banking
    Access ID and Passcode



Online Enrollment 

     1.  Access www.oldfortbank.com.

     2. Click on Personal Enrollment in the 
         Online Banking Center.

     3.  Review Electronic Consent Information.

     4.  Click the"I have read box" ... Click I Agree.

     5.  Review Internet/Billpay Agreement.

     6. Click the"I have read box"....  Click I Agree.

     7. Complete the Enrollment Form
         (Account numbers are needed to enroll).

     8. Choose Access ID and Password.

     9. Complete Security & Verification Questions.

    10. Submit.

Receive an email confirmation from Old Fort Bank.
Your accounts will be available online within 3 to 5 days.     



Trusteer- Rapport Offers Added Protection Online





Protecting Sensitive Computers with Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport is lightweight security software that protects online banking communication from being stolen by criminals. Used by leading banks and millions worldwide, Trusteer Rapport is proven and comes highly recommended by banks as an additional layer of security to any anti-virus or security software already in use. By protecting your Internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication with the bank’s online website, Trusteer Rapport blocks malicious attempts to steal money from your corporate online banking account. That’s why The Old Fort Banking Company recommends you download it.

What’s at Stake?

The top two fraud threats identified by the FDIC are malware and phishing attacks. Corporate bank accounts are especially sensitive targets and are increasingly being attacked by fraudsters. Criminals can transfer money out of corporate accounts if they manage to access it, which is not difficult to do today. Inevitably, managers of corporate accounts online have the responsibility of keeping it fraud free, a task that increases in difficulty as fraudsters get more sophisticated. One of the biggest risks is actually the computer used to bank with. Here are two sophisticated attacks that criminals use to access online accounts using your computer:

  • Malicious software (or malware) - automatically and silently downloaded onto the computer when browsing the Internet, malware silently captures login information and transfers it to criminals as log-in is performed. It is also capable of silently changing the transactions executed as directed by criminals
  • Phishing - criminals build fake websites that look very similar to your bank’s website. They do this to lure you into visiting these fake websites and submitting your online banking log-in information. This data is later used to access your online bank account
Why Current Computer Security is Not Enough

Firewalls and anti-virus commonly used in corporate environments are unfortunately not enough to protect you against financial malware. It takes days or even weeks for anti-virus vendors to identify and remove new variants of financial malware. Until they manage to do so, the malware is still undetected on your computer. Cyber criminals can attack your corporate bank account minutes after you get infected with financial malware and way before this malware is detected and removed by your anti-virus. Your bank believes in a layered approach to security and recommends Trusteer Rapport as additional protection to ensure that your corporate account is not compromised.

Trusteer Rapport - Dedicated Online Banking Security

Trusteer Rapport takes a unique approach that adds real value on top of current security software. When connecting to the corporate online bank account, Rapport does 3 main things in the background that prevent criminals from targeting you:

  1. Rapport verifies the connection to the bank’s genuine website as opposed to a fake website, created by criminals. Although this sounds trivial, it’s not obvious that you reach a genuine website when you type your bank’s address into your web browser.
  2. Once verification is complete, Rapport locks down communication between the computer and the bank’s website. This prevents criminals from hijacking the online connection with the bank.
  3. Rapport protects your computer and Internet connection by creating a tunnel for safe communication with the bank, preventing criminals from using malware to steal log-in data and tamper with transactions.

Rapport takes several additional steps in the background to further improve security. If you are interested in reading about them, please click here

View Demos

Introduction to Rapport

How to Install Rapport

How to Operate Rapport

Proven Technology

100 banks and 20 million customers are already using Trusteer Rapport today to prevent online fraud. Trusteer, the security experts behind Rapport, make every effort to ensure Rapport remains constantly updated with the ability to protect you against new and emerging security threats.

Compatible with Current Security Software

Rapport works alongside the security software placed by the IT department within the company to provide comprehensive, focused protection against fraud when managing corporate accounts online. Rapport also communicates with the bank’s security systems to protect online accounts and block malicious attempts to steal money from corporate accounts.

Available at No Cost to You

Trusteer Rapport is available to you at no charge! Your bank covers all costs associated with the development, maintenance and support of Trusteer Rapport.

Easy to Use

Rapport is very easy to download and use. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click the “Download Rapport Now” button to install it on your computer. This only takes a couple of minutes. A short video demonstrating how to install is available here .
  2. Click “next”, “yes” and “continue” when prompted, until installation is complete. There’s no need to restart your computer once the process is complete.
  3. Once installed, a small Rapport icon will appear next to your browser’s address bar. This icon is green when you are on a website protected by Rapport, and grey when you are on a website that is not protected by Rapport. The icon is for your information only and does not require any action from your end.
  4. When you first log onto your bank account after installing Rapport, you will see a message asking you to approve the protection of your online banking login information. From there on, Rapport works in the background and only pops up if a security risk is identified.

You can still have Rapport running even if most of your browsing is done using an unsupported browser. Rapport does not interfere with your browsing. You can always choose to switch to a supported browser when you log onto a sensitive website such as your online banking website.

System Requirements

For updated system requirements, please visit http://www.trusteer.com/support/supported-platforms

You can still have Rapport running even if most of your browsing is done using an unsupported browser. Rapport does not interfere with your browsing. You can always choose to switch to a supported browser when you log onto a sensitive website such as your online banking website.


Support When You Need It Most

During Regular Business Hours Please Contact Us at:  1- 866-347-3440

During Non-Business Hours Please Contact Trusteer/Rapport directly at: http://www.trusteer.com/support



Remote Deposit Capture Saves Businesses Time and Money

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a Treasury Management service that allows your company to deposit checks immediately upon receipt by using an electronic scanner, without leaving your business or visiting the bank.  It saves time, increases productivity and allows employees to focus on areas that benefit the business, using resources in the most cost effective manner.   “Remote Deposit Capture reduces your transportation needs substantially.  You or your staff may need to visit the bank less frequently, as very few items need to go to the bank in paper format.  It is estimated that an 80 percent reduction in transportation may be realized with this service,”  stated Christine Simmons, Treasury Management Officer, at the Old Fort Banking Company.

How can Remote Deposit Capture improve your operations with time and costs savings?

By using Remote Deposit Capture, substantial savings may be realized with reduced transportation costs and employees may gain additional time to focus on work related tasks.  Most items can be captured, with just a few items that must be deposited in paper form at the bank.  According to remotedepositcapture.com a business depositing 10 checks daily to a bank 5 miles away, could save $722 on mileage, $3,930 on recovered labor, $393 on increased productivity and improve cash flow acceleration annually by using remote deposit capture.

This banking service also provides quality control when your accounting system directly receives the data.  Businesses can access copies of prior transactions, save time and paper because deposit tickets aren’t needed, and print reports to identify the day’s deposit.

How does Remote Deposit Capture accelerate the collection process?

As payment technology evolves, Remote Deposit Capture has become a fundamental part of the collection process that businesses should be using.  Checks sitting in a drawer don’t help cash flow and availability of funds, especially if you are unable to drive to the bank daily to make deposits.  You are able to quickly process checks through the system for collection.

Remote deposit capture allows more flexibility.  With the convenience of scanning and depositing checks electronically from your office, employees can easily incorporate the service into your daily business processes. No more rushing to the bank at the end of the day to arrive before closing time. In addition, a company with several locations can consolidate banking relationships, even if the bank is not in the same geographic area.

How are remote transfers tracked?

Just by handling transactions through remote capture banking at your own office, you increase accuracy and control.  As transactions occur and are finalized, you can keep a close watch on them through online banking.  This secure information is convenient, which gives flexibility when transferring money and making payments.

You can make deposits from multiple and/or remote locations, and then centrally track deposit reporting and reconciliation.  This consolidation gives businesses a chance to vastly improve payment reconciliation management and the ability to research prior deposits.

What has been done to reduce fraud with Remote Deposit Capture?

Banks work hard to mitigate and manage the fraud risks related to check processing.  Remote Deposit Capture reduces this risk, as returned check deposits can be recognized earlier with accelerated clearing.

However, it is vital that businesses also take precautions on their end.  Institute strong, effective control measures with Remote Deposit Capture and check processing to limit exposure.  Have written policies and procedures for employees to regularly follow, as well as established security measures for handling checks after scanning.

By utilizing a cost-effective Remote Deposit Capture service in your business, you stand to gain a wide-range of benefits:

  • Accelerated  clearing
  • Enhanced cash flow with better cash management
  • Transportation savings and convenience
  • The ability to consolidate deposits from multiple and/or remote locations
  • Improved operations and cost savings

For more information on Old Fort Banking Company’s Remote Capture please contact our Treasury Management Banker:



Christine Simmons