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Our Story

Locally-Owned and Operated

The bank's board members consist of community leaders and businessmen who are dedicated to and share a passion for community banking. They value the importance of providing a bank where decisions are made locally, and service is consistently provided by associates who know their clients and their community. 

Since opening our doors for business, The Old Fort Banking Company has had one mission — to provide our clients with value-based products and service, delivered with a personal touch by knowledgeable staff members. 

For over 100 years, The Old Fort Banking Company has been committed to providing our clients with excellent service and financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. We are proud of our long-standing history of not only supporting our clients, but also supporting our communities, associates and shareholders.

Our Mission

The Old Fort Banking Company is organized for the purpose of profitably satisfying the financial service needs of our clients. Business is conducted with concern for both the short and long-term security of our shareholders, clients, associates, and communities. Each client and associate is important and is treated with respect.

Our History

Founded in 1916, The Old Fort Banking Company is an employee owned financial institution. Old Fort is an independent bank that operates through a community banking model that is the foundation for local decision making and provides the basis for client service that is competent, reliable and responsive.

1917 – Old Fort Bank constructed its first financial center located at 8034 Main Street, Old Fort, and opened its doors for business on April 4, 1917.

1929 – The Old Fort Bank remained opened for business during the Great Depression (1929-1939). The board and community were especially proud of the fact that Old Fort was one of the few banks that did not close during this difficult era.

1940 – The bank enjoyed steady but conservative growth through the 1940’s under the leadership of Howard J. Fry, who served as Old Fort Bank’s President and Board Chairman from 1925-1969.

1957 – Old Fort Bank was approached by the Business Men’s Association of Bettsville with a request to open a financial center in their community. The new office was opened in a vacated building located on the corner of State Street and Union Street in Bettsville.

1969 – Howard J. Fry retired from the bank’s board and his son-in-law, Paul M. Gillmor (P.M.), was elected Chairman of the Board.  P.M’s leadership and foresight guided the bank from 1964 until 2004.

1979 – Old Fort Bank built a modern financial center in Bettsville, offering a lobby area and drive thru services located at 238 State Street.

1988 – Old Fort Bank constructed a new financial center in Tiffin, located at 634 West Market Street. Old Fort Bank became Tiffin’s local community bank as competitors were sold to large regional banks. Several years later, the Westgate Financial Center was expanded, nearly doubling the size of the building.

1995 – Old Fort Bank purchased a vacant building in the Tiffin downtown business district. Located at 33 East Market Street, today this building serves as the bank's corporate headquarters. 

1996 – Old Fort Bank continued to expand into new markets that were in need of a local community bank. The bank opened a financial center in Fostoria located at 599 Plaza Drive. An addition was built to the existing structure to meet the needs of area clients. 

1999 – The bank purchased property and constructed a full-service financial center at 300 West State Street in Fremont. The building is centrally located, and just minutes from any destination within the city limits.

2000 – As we moved into a new century, the Old Fort Banking Company understood the importance of offering the latest technology. The bank introduced Internet banking, a convenience which enabled clients to access their accounts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

2003 – Old Fort Bank opened its eighth full-service financial center in Clyde. The new building located at 651 West McPherson Highway was constructed and completed by local contractors.

2004 – United States Congressman Paul E. Gillmor was elected as Chairman of the Board and served in this capacity until his untimely passing in 2007. He had been elected to the board in 1967.

2007 – Dianne Gillmor Krumsee was elected Chairman of the Board and served in this capacity until retiring in 2018.

2008 – The bank broke ground for a new full-service financial center located at 15030 Flag City Drive in Findlay. In September 2008, Old Fort Bank celebrated the opening of this new facility. This was the first venture into a larger market, as Old Fort Bank brought its style of community banking to Hancock County.

2008 – An opportunity presented itself to open a loan production office to serve the commercial and business needs in Greene County and the Sugarcreek Township market. With a local and experienced staff employed, Old Fort Bank began to offer community banking services to the bank’s “Southern” market.

2009 – Old Fort Bank opened a Mortgage Loan Production Office in Xenia. The bank employs local bankers with extensive experience and provides community bank service. Planning ahead, property was purchased at the corner of Wilmington Pike Road and East Briggs Road in Greene County, Ohio for the construction of a full-service financial center.

2012 – Old Fort Bank opened its first financial center in Greene County. The new office located at 6430 Wilmington Pike in Sugarcreek Township, marked the opening of the bank's ninth financial center.

2013 – The opportunity presented itself to open a loan production office to serve the commercial and business needs of Allen County. The office located at 545 West Market Street in Lima was opened in December and introduced Old Fort's community banking model to the Western Ohio community.

2015 – On December 7, 2015 the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, approved the application by The Old Fort Banking Company Employee Stock Ownership and 401(k) Plan to become a bank holding company.

The completion of the acquisition and ESOP transaction formally took place on December 22, 2015.  What was accomplished was not only historic, it also achieved the objectives of many hard-working individuals and assists in preserving a precious asset…our community bank. We are not aware of any holding company which was able to take its ESOP from 0 percent to 45 percent in a single, integrated transaction…which is a testament to our management team, associates and board of directors. 

2018 – Michael C. Spragg, bank President & CEO, was elected as Chairman of the Board and serves in this capacity today.

On December 21, 2018 Old Fort Bank announced the opening of a newly renovated full-service financial center in Xenia. Located at 88 South Progress Drive, the new financial center represents Old Fort’s tenth location in Ohio and further expands the bank’s footprint in Greene County, joining the bank’s Sugarcreek Township location. The building is approximately 4,000 square feet and features 2 drive-in tellers and a 24-hour drive-up ATM. This new location provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that demonstrates Old Fort’s commitment to the individuals, families, and businesses that make up the Greene County and Xenia community.